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Magmaw - Blackwing Descent - 10 man

Halfus Wyrmbreaker
- Bastion of Twilight - 10 Man

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Assassins 2.0 - Unearthing Cataclysm

Chaosphere3055, Mar 16, 11 2:27 PM.
Assassins 2.0 - Unearthing Cataclysm

GUILD MASTER This position is the supreme authority for the guild.  Decisions made by the guild leader are final, absolute, and are expected to be followed.

CHIEF OFFICER This position will serve as top authority in the absence of the guild master.  This rank is responsible for bringing guild issues to the GM. In addition, this position will handle issues or concerns the Recruitment Officers or Ranking Officers may have.

RECRUITMENT OFFICER This position is responsible for all guild invites. Any other guild members that wish to bring in friends and alts must go through the Recruitment Officer first. (This is being added to our ranks because there are too many people that join the guild and are inactive for extended periods of time. Also, this will help to eliminate some bad seeds from joining and causing problems.)

RAID LEADER This position is responsible for adding raid events to the calendar as well as forming raid groups. In addition, should be knowledgeable about the planned raid.

OFFICER This position is responsible aiding other members in questions and concerns they may have. In addition, will help to monitor bank activity. Also, they will be given the ability to kick members as they see fit.

RAIDER This position will only be held by members that have met the minimum requirements for Cataclysm raiding.

345 item level
9k+ maintained DPS
Able to make raid days and times
Addons: Deadly Boss Mods

ELITE This position is given to members that want raid status on all other non-Cataclysm raids. Also, Elites may serve as replacements for the current 10 man raid team. Only one toon per member may have this rank.

VETERAN This position is given to members that have decided to call Assassins, home. However, they are just a casual player with little or no interest in raiding.

MEMBER This position is given to any initiate that has undergone our one week evaluation period and wish to stay in our guild.

INITIATE This position is for anyone new to the guild and currently in the probationary period.


ACTIVITY Any member or alt not active for one month will be removed from the guild.

SECURITY All Officers and above will be required to present your Corehound Pup to the Guild Master, as proof that you have an authenticator.

CALENDAR If you plan to attend an event that is posted on the calendar, you must sign up. If you do not sign up and you miss the event, it is your fault. In addition, we are implementing a 3 strike policy for members that sign up for raids and fail to show up. (unless they have discussed with Officers/GM) The 3 strike policy will result in being demoted from your current position.

WORLD CHAT DO NOT beg for money in trade or guild chat! DO NOT bad mouth our guild or other guilds! This will result in an immediate termination from the guild.

GUILD BANK Abuse of the Guild Bank will not be tolerated. If you withdraw items from the guild bank, you will be required to make a small deposit of either items or gold. This is not to serve as a punishment but as a way to help keep our Guild Bank stocked. A zero tolerance policy will now be in effect. If you remove items from the Guild Bank and they are found in the Auction House, you will be immediately terminated. Also, DO NOT deposit gray items or lock boxes in our guild bank. If you have lock boxes you are just dying to get rid of, send them to Het. (have fun Het!)

We will also be converting the current Elite tab to a purchasing tab. The items in this tab will consist of the newer Cataclysm trade goods, armor, and weapons. These items will be sold to guild members at the the prices listed below, and the money will be deposited in the Guild Bank. All prices will be subject to change depending on periodic Auction House research.

All categories consist of Cataclysm level items.
  • Armor and Weapons (Blue) - Double Vendor Price
  • All trade goods (stacks of 20) - 10g per stack
  • Gems (Meta/Standard) - 30g/15g
  • Volatiles - 2g each
  • Enchanting Shards - 5g each
  • Bags (16 slot) - 5g each
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